Good Music Is My Passion.

My name is Zach Ciampa, and I produce music under the alias “Haelphon”. Good music is my passion. You’re probably wondering what makes me qualified to make such a bold statement. Let me take you through my personal history.

I began experimenting with digital music production when I was eleven. Like many other kids, I dreamed of a day where my music was revered all around the globe, but I never considered my producing as anything more than a hobby.

In seven years, I had amassed a collection of about thirty songs (some great, some horrible) which I began releasing as digital albums for fun. It remained a hobby; I still hadn’t realized my potential as an artist.

In 2015, I began studying Entrepreneurship at Suffolk University. My desire to do something with my music was ever-increasing, as was my separate desire to run a successful business; however, in my mind, I could only do one or the other. Halfway through my second semester, I got a wake-up call that would launch my career.

I received a Facebook message from a colleague about licensing a track of mine to one of his clients in exchange for a fee. Suddenly everything made sense. The idea of licensing my music to production companies for use in video content was unheard of to me previously. I didn’t realize that other possibilities existed for musicians like myself outside of “making it” to the Top 40 or forever remaining unknown.

From there, I began to rewrite my creative vision. Submission after submission, I placed my tracks in many professional licensing libraries around the world. Placements with huge companies began to role in, and I realized my music had a real future.

Since I set out on my licensing path, tracks of mine have found their way into material from Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Contiki Travel Tours, and even Australian fashion giant General Pants. Now, in 2017, I do most of my licensing myself with my ever-growing music library.

Good music is my passion. That’s why pairing the right music with the right content is so important to me. Every time I create a piece, I’m actively capturing my feelings and moods in the form of songs. If I can transpose those feelings onto you, I know I’ve done my job right.

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